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Cephalopod Software


Enterprise Sofware


Most marinas manage their information and processes using a combination of off the shelf tools like Excel, Quick Books Pro, and Google Docs. These are fine for small operations but wholly inadequate for complex and esoteric operations such as is common in marinas. Some specific marina software packages exist but are often no more than accounting packages that have been modified to accommodate marinas or worse, parasitic solutions designed to extract a percentage of each transaction the marina processes just to handle slip reservations. Cephalopod is building software modules to run marina operations from the ground up with their needs in mind. These modules can be implemented individually to solve specific problems without a major overhaul of operational procedures or collectively to fully modernize the operation.




Waiting Lists

Waiting lists are a source of endless headaches and are fraught with the possibility of abuse and even litigation. Our waiting list module allows this marina need to be addressed in a way that is simple, transparent, and effective with little or no staff involvement.


Slip & Moorings

A custom tool for managing all slips, docks, dry storage, and mooring balls. This allows you to quickly know what is available and maximize utilization based on vessel length, draft, beam, power needs, and other factors.



Use a sophisticated system to manage where parts and equipment are stored across multiple locations. Keep control of what you have and what you need to order to be ready for any equipment needs.



Manage reservations for transients in an effective manner without having to give a piece of each reservation to the software provider. Much of the work is automated and offloaded to the customer instead of your staff.



Have an integrated and organized solution to bill your customers while keeping track of who is doing business with your marina, all within the same solution.


Staff Managment

Manage your staff with a powerful task management system that will allow you to mandate, administer, and monitor all aspects of marina operations in a way where no job falls through the cracks be it trivial or paramount.

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