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Spirit motor yacht

Run your boat like a Salty Sea Captain

Staying on top of the myriad of vessel jobs and maintenance is not only desirable but essential. Even on a small vessel, the amount of systems and tasks that must be kept straight and timely can be daunting and if forgotten, lead to at best costly repairs and at worst to the loss of the vessel. This tool allows a captain or owner to manage a small boat they crew alone or a large ship with many crew members without being overwhelmed by the tool itself.

Sea Captain Home


Sea Captain Trip Log

Trip Log

Keep track of your travels

Maintaining a log of your trips is an ancient and important ship keeping tradition that serves many valuable purposes. This module makes it easy to log as well as look up past excursions. It stamps time, date, lat, long for start and finish locations as well as lets you add notes to the trip. You note fuel burn as well as update operating hours on the systems that need this tracking.

Sea Captain Maintenance


Maintain your vessel

Maintaining the myriad of systems on vessels is one of the most important parts of vessel ownership. Neglecting to do so will result in bad days or expensive repairs. This module will tell you when all scheduled maintenance is due as well as track one time jobs so they don't fall through the cracks. Simple jobs or complex multi task projects.

Sea Captain Storage

Storage Items

Keep everything organized

We have all spent hours trying to find that important spare part or item we need on board only to give up and go to the store to buy another. If you are out in the water this is not a good option. Find tools, spare parts, and supplies when you need them instead of rebuying things you already have. It takes seconds to locate your things on board.

Sea Captain Storage Map

Storage Locations

Know where everything is

Find Anything within seconds even years after you stored it. Our system utilizes a sophisticated nesting storage system that makes finding things easy. Even a brand new crew member will know where items are with no training.

Sea Captain Provisions


Get what is necessary

What is missing on the boat that needs to be provisioned. A simple shopping and provisioning module to make sure you get what you need for enjoying and managing the upkeep your vessel.

Sea Captains Docuements

Manage Documents

Invaluable information

Every manual, schematic, or document essential to the boat. Instead of 50 lbs of manuals stored in random places onboard, have all important documents at your fingertips.


Under 50' Vessel



Every year

This license is for vessels under 50' LOA for a single device.

Valid until canceled

50' and Over Vessel



Every year

This license is for vessels 50' and over LOA for a single device.

Valid until canceled

Included Service:

You let us know what engines, generators, air conditioners, and other major systems you have and we will add their individual digital manuals to your software as well as set up all their recommended scheduled maintenance jobs in the software for no additional charge. You can add your own or modify the ones we provide to add your personal preferences to each job.

Single iPad: We provide the software alone for you to install on your iPad or will ship you an ipad of your choice with the software pre installed for the price of the iPad, and the license. iPads are not marked up and there is no charge for installation or shipping. Please call for packages that include an iPad.

Multiple iPads: Multiple devices can simultaneously access the software by installing it on an onboard server that we provide or by hosting it on our cloud. Hosting on our cloud adds a $500 per year hosting fee but no additional fee per iPad. Onboard servers are quoted on a case by case basis depending on vessel infrastructure. Please call for quote.

White Glove Services: If you do not want to set up your boat's storage layout, inventory all your stuff we will send an experienced crew member to set it all up for you. This is quoted on a case by case basis and is billed by the hour depending on your location. Please call for a quote and details.


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