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Vessel Telemetry

Peace of mind and security

Everyone puts a lot of time, effort, and money into their vessel. We will help you have peace of mind as well as remote monitoring and control of important systems on board.


Furthermore, with our Boat Bot manager software, you can keep track of all maintenance items, required repairs and upgrades. Find where something is stored in seconds, and keep track of all vessel and crew documents from one or multiple iPads. Miami Vessel Telemetry.









Security Cameras

$550 for two cameras

Know when someone comes onto or close to your boat as well as any other motion events, day or night. Wireless Cameras. Receive alert straight to your phone. 

$100 for each additional camera.


Bilge Water Alarm

$200 for one sensor

Receive an alert when the water in your bilge has reached above the acceptable level indicating an issue with your pumps, switches, or hull integrity.

$100 for each additional sensor


Temp. & Humidity

$200 for one sensor

Display and monitor your vessel's temperature and humidity to make sure your anti humidity systems or products are working. This is essential to prevent mold and smells.

$100 for each additional sensor


Satellite Tracking

$250 for one tracker

Get a notification if  your vessel moves from it's berth and track it until it is recovered. A separate tracker can be added to the tender's outboard engine to prevent this common theft. $10/m Service fee.


Battery & Power

$200 for one sensor

Batteries do not die, they are murdered. Get notifications of your batteries' state of charge and shore power loss to prevent battery damage from unwanted discharge. Don't spend $1000s replacing batteries. 

$100 for each additional sensor.


Sentry Package $996 Installed

  • Two motion sensing cameras

  • One bilge flood level sensor

  • One temperature and humidity sensor and display

  • One battery voltage sensor

  • One satellite tracking transceiver

  • All Sensors will notify your cellphone if any issue arises



Get a quote: 305-781-4323


To apply for a job with BoatBot, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:

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