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Agile Software Development

Run your business your way


Enterprise software is more than just a tool to run a business more efficiently. It is the tool that allows you to make sure things are being done the way you want them done without the need for multiple middle managers.

At Bitgeist we are experts at understanding your business needs and problems so that we may design exactly the tool that will best address them. We do this using the agile development process so that you can start leveraging your investment as quickly as possible instead of waiting months or even years to start gaining it's benefits. We are more than software developers, we are business process people who happen to be great at software design.



Custom Enterprise Software

An enterprise architect will meet with you to design a tool to solve the specific business problems you are facing. Run your business how you envisioned instead of how the software dictates. Pay for fewer expensive staff. Leverage your data. Don't loose business intelligence when staff leave. Have operations run how you want it run instead of how the employees want.


Mobile App Development

We will design and develop any data driven mobile app idea you might have. Our specialist will meet with you, advise you on the best approach for the app and it's deployment and we will quickly build a working prototype for you to start testing it's function and viability. The app can be for public consumption or for serving a business need best suited by using phones and or tablets.


Web App Development

We can help you bring your idea or business tool into the internet. When the basic web page design tools are just not enough. If your needs are more than just a corporate identity and information site and you need your clients to access dynamic data. If you need more powerful functionality from a web browser then we can design, develop, and deploy such a solution.



SEA Captain

Vessel Management Software

Staying on top of the myriad of vessel jobs and maintenance is not only desirable but essential. Even on a small vessel, the amount of systems and tasks that must be kept straight and timely can be daunting and if forgotten, lead to at best costly repairs and at worst to the loss of the vessel. This tool allows a captain or owner to manage a small boat they crew alone or a large ship with many crew members without being overwhelmed by the tool itself.



Motorsport Ops Software

RaceWurx is a sophisticated enterprise software that allows a race organizer to manage all aspects of race operations. This tool eliminates the need for extensive back office staffing and endless hours of pouring over data and results that is required to run a complex race series. It handles all back office needs as well as acting as a licensing, registration, gridding, results, points standings, sponsors, multiple regions, classes, venues, and a portal for competitors and fans. It hast been used to run hundreds of large events including the majority of sport bike races in the US over the past 15 years as well as the famous Daytona 200. 

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